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"The important work of moving the world forward does not wait to be done by perfect men." – George Eliot

Rambles November 27, 2012

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Been feeling weird about paganism. It seems wrong lately, like I’m fitting myself into a box or some external mold. I’m trying to back off for a while and hope I’ll figure out what I really want, what really feels right deep in my self. I have to find it inside of me. I’ve still been doing energy work and more “witchy” stuff, I think because that comes more from me and my own personal power. But I haven’t tried to connect with the sun and the night in a while. I don’t know what I think about deity. I don’t want to buy into something crazy, or just believe in something without questioning it. I don’t want to just purchase the “paganism package” and do stuff just ’cause that’s what pagans do. I don’t want to be a cookie-cutter anything. I do know nature is important to me and I want to connect with it. I have more to say but it’s all jumbled up inside my head and my mind’s in a bit of turmoil, so I’m cutting it off here.


Holy Water November 18, 2012

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I have a book of spells that mentions holy water. It says one way of getting holy water is to collect water on a day that is special to you, like your birthday. So that is what I did this year. Well, I only “collected” it out of the faucet, b/c that was the best I could do at the time, but it is filtered, haha. I’ve been wondering how to use it. I could drink a little at times I need some healing or protection. I could anoint myself with it for the same purposes. I could include it in a spell that requires water. Even though I collected it on my birthday, I thought maybe I could anoint the children with it if they’re sick. I may start collecting water on the childrens’ birthdays, too. I also wonder if I should try to charge it or bless it further before I use it. I think collecting it with intention on a special day already gave it power, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it some extra oomph. I would also like to create a pretty label for the jars I stored the water in.


Look! A funny commercial! November 16, 2012

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Of children and dancing babies.

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Kids can be so much fun sometimes. I forget why, but tonight I showed my two younger kids that old “Dancing Baby” video that was so popular in the late 90’s. They thought it was very funny. After we watched it, I saw a link to an Evian commercial with rollerskating babies, so we watched that, too. My kids thought THAT one was completely hilarious. They laughed like crazy. My son ran to get my oldest so she could watch the videos, too. (I love it when one of the kids thinks to include his/her siblings like that.)

It was a pretty funny commercial, I have to admit. It feels strange to say so, because I usually hate it when someone asks me if I’ve seen so-and-so commercial, or tells me I’ve got to see some commercial ’cause it’s so funny. I mean, it’s just advertising, right? They’re just trying to get your money. Don’t play along. Also, we don’t watch TV at our house (we have a TV, but we just use it for movies) so I’ve almost NEVER seen whatever commercial someone’s telling me about.

Ahem. Anyway, back to my kids – something else I love so much about having kids is that everything’s new to them. Every internet meme you’ve seen a thousand times, every well-worn movie trope, every old joke, every song that sounds just like the last one… they’ve never experienced it before. They don’t find it boring or predictable. And as a mom, I get to watch my kids see all this stuff for the first time. I mean, how cool is it to be a kid and have the world be new and fresh?

Sometimes I have to bite my tongue when we’re watching a movie and it’s oh-so-obvious what’s going to happen. If something’s a surprise to them, I try to let it be a surprise. My husband and I have shared some knowing grins when the kids are shocked by a cliche storyline. Having said that, I also want them to think critically about things, and so as they get older I will point out the cliches and the overused plots. I will tell them about all the writers and musicians who are lazy and keep reusing the same old tropes or song arrangements or whatever. I will encourage them to recognize good literature and movies and music. I will encourage them to not accept whatever bland crap is pushed in front of them.

Well, we’ve moved from dancing babies to thinking critically about media. That’s pretty much the end of my thought process here. Until next time…


Hewwo. November 14, 2012

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So, here is my new blog. I already have a LJ account that I haven’t been using (bad me!), but I wanted something new without the baggage of that blog. What I want to do with this blog is share a variety of things that are important in my life, like: being a mom, being a wife, dealing with mental illness, paganism, crochet and other crafts, music, TV, books and comics, intellectual pursuits, etc. I feel I will update the blog more this way than if it was only about one subject. I guess the entries will get pretty personal sometimes.  I may piss people off with some of my opinions (assuming anyone else reads this). I am tired of hiding important parts of myself to keep from offending anyone, though, so I want to be honest here. I guess that’s about it. Let’s do this.


Hello world!

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Happy blogging!